How Tableau BI Helps Grow Your Business

The world is enveloped in a data bubble. Information from around the globe drives our everyday operations, mission, and understanding of the world. Data scientists are forever invested in delving deeper into analytics to realize the actual value and underlying message.

Harnessing data nurtures the business and effectively helps it thrive in this ever-changing world. When we talk about information analytics, we cannot forget the tools and solutions that help us make sense of a raw piece of information. One such tool is Tableau.

What is Tableau? 

Tableau eases business operations through connectivity, collaboration, and interaction. It is the most robust, secure, and flexible platform that offers end-to-end analytics solutions and insights into your business. It provides a visual analytics platform that empowers organizations to gain efficiency and eliminate traditional metrics. It can link to many sources, including data warehouse, excel, cloud, etc.

Empowerment means transforming raw information into meaningful insights to extract maximum value for employees and businesses.

  • Exploring and managing the data  
  • Fostering quick results to change the business scenario 
  • Discovering and sharing insights for improved collaboration

Growing business with Tableau 

  • Understanding the customer

The true potential of Tableau is only realized by an analyst that knows how to combine data with business knowledge to make a drastic turn in the business. The use of massive data to obtain insights into customer behavior, buying patterns, and footprints gives a holistic perspective of the customer journey. The companies could better understand and forecast the customer’s needs and wants.

The intelligence gathered allows companies to make important and well-informed strategic decisions. A detailed understanding of the customer journey allows marketing, products, and design teams to make customer-centric decisions.

  • Transparent and informed decision making

When it comes to analytics and reporting tools, the process of data exploration is slightly cumbersome and slow. With the interactive and intuitive user interface, one gets more room to try new things, delve into different realms, and make subsequent updates and changes. The drag-and-drop feature allows you to exercise your creativity by adding, moving, measuring, and filtering different dimensions to make an informed and transparent decision. The business intelligence leveraged by Update Power BI helps in understanding the company dynamics. Thus it assists with a transparent and informed decision-making process. It leads from data to insights to actions. According to a survey, 82% of the companies relying on analytics gained a critical advantage during the pandemic.

  • Keeping up with the updated dashboards

The traditional method of sharing dashboards is via emailed PDFs which involves digging through piles of emails. Through it, companies can host the dashboard under a central repository which would be automatically shared across all platforms and stakeholders. They could then view, edit, and add comments according to their liking. Sharing updated dashboards eliminates the effort of uploading individual files. 

This saves time and eases the communication process. Integration of business intelligence has never been this easy before the inception of the tableau. Not only does it integrate with multiple tools and platforms like CMS, but it also serves as a single point of reference and connection between multiple stakeholders and hubs.

  • Empowering Employees with data literacy and intelligence

Data literacy is becoming a must-have for the workforce if it wants to run parallel to the industrial standards of data maturity. Businesses can only thrive when they prioritize their employees understanding of the critical business statistics and investments by organizing training sessions about it. It skill is as important as the product or brand design. You increases the analytical maturity of your salesforce, which is the prerequisite for exponential growth. Tableau deployment goes beyond the borders of the marketing function. It could be expanded to sales, executives, and many more operations to delve further into technical and revenue insights.

Examples of businesses that thrive on Tableau

Deloitte Canada

  • Using, Deloitte Canada has been surfing through economic indicators that would lead it to business empowerment and recovery. 
  • With the help of Tableau Public, it was able to devise a comprehensive dashboard that focuses on Covid-19 economic metrics. It shows a detailed profile of different metrics that could prove essential in the future crisis and forecast and plan their future move.
  • Consequently, the transformation with Tableau has revolutionized the general business understanding and gotten rid of the traditional metrics of Deloitte.

Community Medical Centers, California

Tableau has yet again proven its worth where budget issues constrain businesses. 

  • CMC has incorporated Tableau in its operating model. To maintain an operating budget, CMC heavily stresses in-person visits. CMC suffered a significant blow as the Covid crisis encapsulated our daily operations and livelihood.
  • CMC shifted to telehealth and implemented Tableau to assess the business running and stakeholder involvement.
  • Not only has it cut the cost using Tableau, but it also managed to recover the lost sales post-pandemic

To sum it up, Tableau is a great tool that assists businesses in making informed decisions using data visualization modalities. It suits companies across various industries and backgrounds. Adapt to the latest marketing and analytics fad to make decisions faster and save yourself additional cost and time in the hands of old methods. To pace in this constantly evolving technology, companies operate under the banner of survival of the fittest. So to outperform and outdo your competitors through analytics and business intelligence, Tableau is your go-to tool.

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