How To Update Power BI: What’s New in Latest Update 2022

The team of Power BI continuously reveals updates, features, and a collection of enhancing capabilities every month that users and customers enjoy at their best. In this blog, you’ll get to know how to update Power BI and what’s new in the latest update Power BI 2022.

Power BI Desktop gets updated on a monthly basis, incorporating new features and customer feedback. However, only the most recent version of the Power BI Desktop is supported. Users who contact Power BI Desktop support are asked to upgrade to the most recent version. You can get the most current version from the Windows Store.

According to the most recent release of Power BI Desktop, the Power BI Desktop doesn’t support Windows 7 now and is only supported on Windows 8 and the new version of Windows.

The following are the latest updates to the new Power BI Desktop:


  • Many new updates and visuals.
  • New visuals in AppSource.


  • The bookmark navigator now reveals the last selected bookmark per group.
  • There are updates to required permission while using composite models on Power BI datasets.
  • Error bars for bar charts and clustered columns.
  • There are new Format pane updates.
  • Tooltips now support drill actions for area charts, lines, and matrices.

Data Connectivity

  • There are updates on Dremio Cloud and Dremio.
  • Updated Digital Construction Works Insights.
  • New Connector – Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Data Preparation

  • Dynamic M query parameters are generally available now.

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Update Power BI Visualizations

New Visuals Available in AppSource

According to the latest update, the following are the new visuals:

  • Cluster Bar chart Side by Side
  • Multiple Vertical Line Chart
  • Filter by List
  • Event viewer
  • Column Chart With two X-axis
  • Custom Tooltip for Line & Clustered Column Chart
  • Power Slicer
  • Pie Chart with Full legends Label
  • Areachart with custom tooltip
  • Stacked Columnchart with Custom Legend Placement
  • Side By Side Barchart
  • Bubble Chart with Categorical X & Y-Axis
  • Dual Axis Linechart with Legends
  • Column Chart with Dual-Y-Axis
  • Barchart color formatting based on the legend
  • Bullet Chart with Custom Label Placement
  • BarChart With Custom Tooltip
  • Barchart with color formatting
  • StackedBarchartWithDatalabel&Datapercentage

Charticulator Visual Is Now Certified

As per the latest version, the Charticulator custom visual is now certified. With the new update, there are a few bugfixes and changes:

  • Added auto-updating for values in gradient scales.
  • Fixed an issue associated with tick formatting in axes with the Date data type.
  • Fixed an issue linked with the “sort by another column” panel
  • Added support for the number of ticks in numerical axes
  • Added a drop zone for tick data for numerical axes
  • Fixed an issue linked with text mapping for columns with the Date data type


New Format Pane

Since November, the new format pane was in preview, and now it’s been turned on by default for the users according to the latest release. It will be Generally Available in the coming month, which means users are no longer be able to switch back to the older format pane.

Error Bars

Users can now add error bars to their line charts to visualize the uncertainty in their data. 

Uncertainty is a crucial aspect of data, particularly in the scientific disciplines and other related fields where there is a need to contextualize the displayed value of a point by the range of its possible values. According to this new feature, users can specify lower and upper bounds to the values on their line charts and customize the way they visualize uncertainty on their vision

To start:

  1. Ensure that the error bars preview feature is enabled.
  2. For this, go to File > Options > Preview features and ensure the error bars checkbox is checked.
  3. Enable the ‘New format pane’ feature as ‘Error Bars’ functionality is available only for the New format pane.
  4. Now create a line chart & add a measure for which you’ll have lower and upper bound fields to display.

You will see a new card of Error bars in the Analytics pane. There’s a dropdown at the top, and from it, you can select the measure to which you would like to add error bars. Beneath it, there are options to enable error bars for this measure, indicate how the lower and upper bounds relate to the measure and add lower and upper bound files.

Relative means that there’s a difference in the fields between the upper and lower bound and the measure. In contrast, absolute means that the fields contain the exact value of the lower and upper bound. For instance, if at one point my measure has a value of 60 with an upper bound of 90 & a lower bound of 45, my upper bound in relative terms will be 30, and the lower bound will be -15.

While in absolute terms, my upper bound field will be 90 and my lower bound 45. Select the option that suits the format of your lower and upper bound fields.

Data Connectivity and Preparation

BitSight Security Ratings (New Connector)

With the latest release, Power BI has introduced BitSight Security Performance Management. BitSight is basically a security rating provider that surfaces rich data on the cybersecurity performance of companies. BitSight for Security Performance Management (SPM) allows CISOs to monitor, report, manage and measure the performance of their cybersecurity program over time. It also facilitates a universal understanding of cyber risk across their organization.

This connector allows companies to conveniently pull the BitSight data into Microsoft Power BI for dashboard creation and further analysis. You can then leverage analysis generated and dashboarding in Power BI in combining BitSight data with other sources of security data to get a complete view of their cybersecurity program performance with time and make stakeholders understand cyber risk. You can also use it in tracking remediation progress and executive reporting, as well as other use cases.


Update Power BI is a robust analytics tool that is expanding its apps and adding new features. The constant re-evaluation and updates have garnered loyalty among Power BI users. Xavor Corporation empowers organizations to deploy the data visualization tool in their existing infrastructure to act on business decisions faster with better analysis.

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