What Are The Types Of Best Web Application Development

Web application development is concept or process of developing website with the different purpose such as selling products and services ,increase sale, drive traffic, promote business and so on web development consist of different categories and different types best web development companies used different types of website development while developing website or provide web solution for their customers. Here we are provides different types of web application development.

Front End Web Development

Front end web development is graphical user interface of website through the use of different programing language front end web development is process of developing elements of websites using programming codes which is seen by user of websites front end is the visual interface of website 

Everything we see on websites like buttons ,links and many more can be said front end web development front end web application developer is responsible for designing concept of clients requirement and implementing it through developing the code front end web developer take inputs from user and modify it in from end web development it is important to website is accessible by user and it remains responsive in all forms from desktop to mobile JQuery and HTML5 are most useful tool of front end web development.

Tools Used For Front End Development

  • HTML

HTML stands for hyper text markup language this is programing language necessary for website this is important aspects of web application development process without web page cannot load html are programming codes embedded html is used to create hyperlink which means when user clicks on web pages it can provided result for the click HTML display content on the website such as links ,paragraphs ,heading,lists 

  • CSS

Cascading style sheets is another tool used in front end web development to create visual interface of website and web pages such as screen size and resolution CSS includes style of web pages like colours ,layouts CSS is responsible for design and accessibility

  • Javascript

JavaScript is another programming language which used to transfer static web pages into dynamic web pages this used Ajax technique to retrieve output javascripts allow user to interact with web page javascript found virtually any web page including homepage 

  • Web Assembly

Web assembly is the programing language that is supported by all the web browsers it is another or alternate option for javascripts

Back End Web Development

Back end web application development is one of important type or category of web development where the  code using programing language are developed or created to run a website and to provide continuous data to website back end responsible for accurate functioning of website back end web development is the process of creating and maintaining a web code for the website 

Back end web development focuses database ,scripting ,architecture of website back end web development include behind the scene activities which is happens when any action is performed on website it can be from login to account to purchased online when we read any article on website the content of that article is fetched from database from server it is referred as back end web development back end web developer must be skills of web development language, database and catches ,server ,ApIs it is application that supports front end web development it is important that websites opens and works accurately MYSQL and PHP are most useful tools of Back end web development 

Tools used in back end web development  

  • Programing language 

Programing languages are the machine learning language which is used to developed code for websites MYSQL,PHP,C,C++,JAVA this are some well known programing language used by best web application development companies during programing of website 

  • Database Management System

Database management system is the process of store create  update and delete the data require to provide website this data is fetched to display result when the action is generated by the user Database management system also known as DBMS which is used to managed all the incoming data organized and provide it modify and extracted by the user 

  • Web Servers 

Web Servers are the client and servers ends where data is transmitted from one station to another data packets which contain data is transferred from one server to another for generate output 

  • Frameworks 

Frameworks are the programing code modules or structure of code which is necessary to create website framework is the structure of website which is developed by developers thai are libraries of server side programming language that help backend structure of website  

Full Stack Web Development

Full stack web development is the mixture of both front end and back end web development this is another categories of web application development full stack web development covers all the factors of web developing process it also includes server side and user interface full stack web application development is used by the many best web development companies  while there is complexity of website which means there is need some updating in web development

Full stack web development include programing language, frameworks server, network, hosting environment which is the combination of both front end and back end web application development functions 

Tools used for full stack website development 

  • Backbone

This is backbone of website where data structure is transfers into models to ease access of data 

  • Codepen

Codepen is mostly used by front end web development structure to developed and deploy website 

  • Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is the source code and tool which is used as source code editor with its various functionality

  • TypeScript

Typescript is subset of javascript which is used to compile code which is used to developed large applications 


Web application development is the long and continuous process which consists different categories and types which has its own tools and technology types of web development responsible for the output of developing website it contains important factors which influence on web development this categories and types of web application development are interlinked and all are important for web development.

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