Top 12 Best Social Apps in VR for 2022

The best social apps in VR market looks optimistic, according to the latest figures

Social VR is an artificial environment where VR users can meet, chat, and engage in collaborative activities such as watching movies, playing games, attending concerts, or even collaborating.

Social VR is one of the most important applications of technology. It will allow users from different parts of the world to meet, communicate and work productively in an almost realistic environment, as well as effectively overcome geographical barriers.

The Social VR market is expected to grow 14.1% annually between 2021 and 2027, according to a July 2021 Marketing Insights report, and the interactive features of this technology have numerous applications.

For example, it may help during counseling and therapy sessions when users are unable to move. The study also found that 30% of users are more comfortable talking personally about negative experiences in VR.

All of this points to a promising market environment for social VR applications.

Best Social Apps in Virtual Reality Environment:

Here is a roundup of our best social VR apps you can discover in 2022:


AltspaceVR is a social virtual reality platform that was launched in 2025 and was finally acquired by Microsoft in 2017. Microsoft uses various elements of AltspaceVR for its mesh enterprise technology.

Accenture has also built a full mesh virtual reality campus running AltspaceVR where employees can meet for daily networking, collaboration, and communication.


BeanVR is a social virtual reality app compatible with various headsets such as Steam, Meta Quest and HTC VIVE. Recreate the social media experience in a virtual reality environment and create rooms with different themes that mimic social media groups.

In the virtual room, you can attend live events, play games, watch presentations, or host closed private events for the public.

Big screen:

Bigscreen is a very popular and best social apps in VR that started as a video viewing app. Today, it serves as a TV and cinema where users can watch content alone or with friends.

You can also meet and chat with new big screen users from around the world. The popular social networking app features interactive coding and group meetings in the workplace.


The Couch app principle is simple: it allows you to watch YouTube with friends in virtual reality. You can create shared or private rooms and invite friends into the room to watch YouTube videos together.

Public rooms are open to all sofa users, allowing you to meet other people with similar interests. Sophie is also available at Meta Quest.

Horizon Worlds:

Horizon Worlds is a meta-social game for adventure. Meta (formerly Facebook) offers an integrated game creation system in Horizon Worlds that acts as a social gaming platform and development tool.

In December 2021, Horizon launched Worlds for Adult Consumers in the United States and Canada.

Horizon Ventures:

Like Worlds, Venues Meta Horizon is another best social apps in VR for the family. Oculus allows users to participate in live concerts and virtual reality events. Like real events, anyone can attend free or paid events at Horizon Venues.

Organizers around the world are planning concerts, religious gatherings, spacecraft launches and other events at venues, and there are regular events you can attend.

Rec Room:

Rec Room is a social gaming platform on devices that works on both virtual reality and your smartphone. When you enter the breakroom, you will be assigned a unique and personal avatar.

There are places where you can play, create content, learn new skills, join clubs and much more. Rackroom has its own economy, which means you can sell your creations in a VR environment.

Sensorium galaxies

Sensorium offers a metaverse experience called Galaxy Prism. Compatible with HTC VIVE and Oculus, it gives you AI-powered virtual avatars that guide you as you navigate Prism’s many social networks.

To this day, artists such as David Goethe, Steve Aoki, Armin van Buren and others have organized events in this social world of virtual reality.


Sansar is a best social apps in VR platform developed by Linden Lab, currently owned by the in-depth technology company Wookey Technologies. Samsara hosts social events in virtual reality that can be enjoyed on Oculus, Vive, Steam and desktop devices.

Above all, Censorship lets you make money on pre-show product sales and post-show parties through events. Friends can meet on the site and exchange things, take selfies and much more.

VR Chat

VRChat is a social world building app that is compatible with all major VR headsets. You can customize your avatar and explore the hundreds of virtual reality worlds created by members of the app community. In these areas you can meet people, chat, draw, collaborate and participate in events.

The platform also has its own Unity SDK, which allows you to create endless custom worlds and customize your avatar.

VR zone

Virtual Reality zone or VR Zone is a best social apps in VR designed for art galleries and exhibitions. Basically, it is a multi-user platform where users can meet and participate in art-related events.

These events can also be permanent, which means you can visit the gallery, museum or exhibition whenever you want.

Some of the world’s greatest artists have added their work to the VR zone. In-Room 6, for example, you will find Banksy’s work entitled “Banksy VR: The Unsanctioned Very Exhibition”.

Vtime XR

Vtime XR is an augmented reality social network that lets you constantly update your destination library to meet in different virtual places and make new friends.

It is compatible with all platforms, including Oculus VR, Windows Mixed Reality and 2D apps on Android or iPhone smartphones. vTime XR has a unique 360-degree gallery that recreates 3D virtual reality memories.

Here are some of the best social apps for VR available today. When Facebook was named Meta, the social experience was always at the center of the vision for the future. Meta, along with the companies we’ve talked about, is currently leading the development of social virtual reality around the world.

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