Pros and Cons of 5 Best SharePoint Migration Tools?

SharePoint Vs OneDrive

Types of Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tools

ShareGate Desktop


  • Built-in custom reports.
  • Simple user-interface.
  • Migration from Office 365 and file share.
  • Pre as well as post-migration validation.
  • Offers unlimited data migration along with metadata, permissions, and properties intact.
  • Migration between tenants.


  • As there is no incremental data migration, so the tool offers limited flexibility.
  • There are limitations in scheduling migrations.

Dockit Migrator by VYAPIN


  • Dockit Migrator offers a number of beneficial advantages like workflow migration, NTFS permissions migration, and pre-migration checklist.
  • You also get metadata editing, batch, and incremental migration.


  • Requires to support more sources.

sharepoint intranet portal

Kernel Migrator


  • Offers the convenience of bulk migration with advanced filter options providing selective data migration and CSV files.
  • It provides better migration planning with pre-migration analysis.
  • Support for different sources, which includes all versions of SharePoint, file servers, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, and Google Drive.
  • Facilitates complete migration such as libraries, lists, etc., along with metadata.


  • The demo version just migrates 5 items from libraries, folders, or lists.

Fly Migration from AvePoint


  • It ensures complete and secure migration.
  • With built-in reports, it performs scheduled migration, monitors performance, and tracks progress.
  • Enables pre-scanning of the data.


  • A good interactive interface is required for the tool.
  • It doesn’t support the older version of SharePoint and Foundation.

Quest Solution

private cloud storage


  • It has a simple interface and offers instant results as SharePoint migration tools.
  • The solution offers a pre-migration analysis of the source environment.


  • It requires a simpler user interface.
  • There are limitations on data migration linked to its license.


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