How to Use SharePoint – A Complete Guide 

SharePoint is a famous online collaboration platform that facilitates open communication between business personnel. It acts as a document-sharing, creating, and storage system that allows companies to have intranets. Teams can store their valuable documents and files, organize and sort them, and share information with each other through this platform. It provides a centralized point or repository for safe and protected data usage and sharing over the internet. The primary purpose of Microsoft SharePoint is to share and store data while enabling greater control over the information. It also allows special and individual access to documents which automates workflow between business entities.  

You are working with SharePoint Online; you are basically working within a cloud platform. Because it is a cloud-based application, it integrates seamlessly with other cloud-native apps and makes coordination easier. It pairs effortlessly with OneDrive, Office 365, etc. SharePoint consists of lists and libraries. Today we will learn on the basic level how one can use SharePoint as a platform instead of a tool. It serves many business needs, and for that, you must be acquainted with its activities and potential.  

Things and Functions You Can Do On SharePoint  

1. Upload Files 

SharePoint allows users to upload files on the document library, which are accessible from anywhere and any device through a simple drag-and-drop option. It also allows users to upload files through the command bar. At times users are not even required to upload individual files and folders when your Microsoft Office is synched with SharePoint.  

2. Open Documents in the Library 

Whether you have the application installed on your computer or you open it through a web browser, you can open your documents in the document library. Simply click the document that you wish to work on, and it will open up for you to use it. You can edit it, save changes, or do whatever you want with it.   

3. Simultaneous Working with other Users 

Multiple users can work simultaneously on one file at the same time. Just simply open the document you want to work on, and you can see people currently working on the document in the top right corner. 

4. Share Documents 

You can choose to share some of your files with other users through SharePoint. Open the file/document and search for the share option in the upper right corner to share it with other team members.   

5. Share Sites 

Users can also share sites, provided they have the site owner’s permission to share them with other users. A share button will allow you to share it with other users.  

6. Create a Team Site 

SharePoint allows you to create a site from the SharePoint start page. This option is available for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online users. Also, if you have permission from the site owner for SharePoint Server 2016 and 2013, simply click Sites, then the new site to create a new team site.    

7. Add Lists and Library to the Team Site 

SharePoint allows users to add lists and libraries in Microsoft 365 by simply clicking on the new option and then adding either a list or a library to the team site. You can also add a list and library on the SharePoint Server versions as well including 2013 and 2016.  

8. Keep Older Versions of a Document  

Making changes to a document doesn’t mean you abandon the original or previous versions. SharePoint allows users to keep previous versions while they edit the document for new changes. The version history of each document remains intact and can easily be accessed to retrieve older copies of the new document.  

9. Search  

If you cannot find your desired document or file, simply type a keyword or search anything in the search box, and SharePoint will magnify different documents.  

10. Share Information with the Entire Company 

Users can share files and folders with the entire organization simply through the app launcher button. The Yammer or Newsfeed tile allows you to post information that you wish to share with the entire organization. This option is available for Microsoft 365, SharePoint Server 2013, and 2016 versions as well.  

11. Copy and Move Files Across Libraries 

Using the copy and move command on your SharePoint online version, you can copy and move the files and documents between different libraries.  

I am sure we have made it clear how to use SharePoint for different purposes and business needs. Now all you need is a firm hand, and you can get started because it is really that simple.   

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