How to Google Suggest: optimizing best autocomplete suggestions in 2023

Google’s autocompletion solution, available since 2004, is now essential when searching on the engine. Suggesting queries to the user, it is a strong visibility lever for brands which can then be highlighted by Google in the navigation of Internet users. It remains to be seen how to be part of these suggestions.

Google Suggest: what is it?

This is an autocomplete feature that suggests, when a user writes a query on the search engine, terms to refine it. Google Suggest primelis automatically offers additional queries to those initiated by users, with the aim of simplifying their process and gaining faster access to the information sought.

google suggest
Example of search suggestions on the query “visit US”

How Google Suggest works

Google’s suggestions are based on predictive analysis carried out on some 6.9 billion searches carried out each day on the engine (1). When an Internet user begins his request, the terms offered by Google are influenced by:

  • the requests most often made by users
  • news-related search trends (Google Trends)
  • the geographical position and the language of the user
  • personal browsing and search history

Visibility issues related to Google Suggest

For a brand, the idea of ​​being suggested during searches by Internet users is something to seduce. Indeed, Google Suggest presents two major issues of online visibility and acquisition.

Mastering e-reputation via Google Suggest Primelous

Google Suggest’s auto-completion is based in particular on the most frequent searches and on current events. It can associate more or less rewarding terms with the name of a brand. It can thus threaten the reputation of a brand if the latter has bad press: bad communication, crisis situation, scandal, etc.

Intervening directly on search suggestions made by Google allows brands to maintain an association of their name with positive terms. By favoring the rise of valuable terms, the optimization of Google Suggest therefore offers better control of a brand’s e-reputation.

google suggest
Example of Google Suggest for Brand E-reputation

Increase sales with Google Suggest

Go beyond the noticeable logic of character, it is possible to optimize suggestions to improve transactional terms to brand queries. By directly suggesting flagship products or commercial arguments, it is possible for a brand to boost its sales/leads thanks to a better conversion rate when Internet users search for it.

In the same logic, it is possible to highlight the brand when Internet users carry out generic transactional searches. The optimization of Google Suggest then strengthens the link between a product/service and the brand, and again makes it possible to generate more transactions by capturing a share of searches previously unrelated to the brand with agence seo primelis.

google suggest

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