Creating New Enterprise Apps with Power Platform – 4 Week Implementation

Save your business apps development cost by 75% with Microsoft Power Apps, a quick way of designing and developing low-code professional-grade enterprise apps with instant deployment.

Building an enterprise application is a lengthy process that results in lost time for business. What if we say that there is a way around this?

The Microsoft Power Platform solves the issue of prolonged application development processes and offers you the opportunity to build your own customized enterprise apps. We at Xavor will help you sort this all out.

MS Power Apps is the services provided by Microsoft designed to create enterprise applications. It empowers even non-developers to access application capabilities that are usually available in the exclusive business app builder. This platform is relatively easy to learn. It allows your team to innovate in the way they work, letting them create specific IT tools they need to succeed. Its greatest strength is that it is adaptable to everyone.

What Can Businesses Achieve with MS Power Platform?

Despite learning code, all you need for building enterprise apps with MS Power Platform is the basic knowledge of PowerPoint or Excel. You don’t need programming experience for this. This feature sets it apart from other mobile app development platforms like iOS that need profound Swift programming.

Microsoft Power Platform allows you to create mobile and web applications with minimal or zero code. It empowers you to turn your ideas into feature-rich applications that can digitally resolve your business issues, enhance business values, and transform your processes. This platform helps you interact with visual tools with no-code expertise required, which will extend this platform with building blocks for professional developers, and work faster with a platform that enables data distribution and integration.

The scope of using MS Power Platform is vast as it integrates with Microsoft apps such as SharePoint, OneDrive, SQL Server, and third-party apps like Google Docs, Oracle, Dropbox, and SAP. Moreover, it comes with a built-in Common Data Service. It eradicates the need for additional data integration.

With all the capabilities of Power Platform, you can drive enhanced productivity, mobility, and innovation in your organization.

Benefits Of Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform benefits enterprises in many aspects. You can use it to create an entirely new development project or create interfaces and forms from the existing internal company data. It helps you rapidly develop low-code apps to solve tough challenges and modernize processes. Thus, increasing agility across your enterprise.

  • Empower your team to create and deliver applications quickly with built-in templates, quick deployment, and drag-and-drop simplicity.
  • Provides tools to professional developers they need to extend application capabilities with Azure Functions seamlessly.
  • Power Apps enables you to develop a variety of applications that infuse digital transformation into old-fashioned and manual processes.
  • When you build apps using Power Platform, everyone within your organization, from business analysts to professional developers, works together with more efficiency.
  • Enhance innovation and mobility with no code capability and enhance productivity with prebuilt AI scenarios.
  • Enhance prediction and simplify tasks with AI Builder.
  • Improve user engagement, gain value from data, and work faster with data distribution and integration.

Leverage The Potential of Power Platform with Xavor

Xavor is an official Microsoft partner and a longtime expert for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Building Power Apps for various scenarios for our loyal customers that empowered them to get more out of their project management and sales.

We offer a 4-week implementation program in which we design, develop, and deploy first-rate enterprise apps using Power Platform (Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI). Managing enterprise app stores can be a tedious task if you are still building apps in iOS and Android. It requires special skills to manage the app store, and the cost of developing the solutions for different platforms is too expensive. With Microsoft’s Power Apps, it’s now easy more than ever to manage your enterprise app store with low-code business apps and instant deployment for all platforms.

From 3-day proof of concept to actual app development in about 4-weeks, we have had experience developing enterprise apps leveraging the best potential of the Power platform that caters to our client’s business needs and objectives in no time.

Depending upon the business needs, we suggest the best possible model, an app designed from scratch (a canvas app) or something driven from the existing entities (a model-driven app) and integrating them to hundreds of other connectors provided by Microsoft, i.e., Dynamics, SharePoint, SQL, Azure, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.


  • Understand business needs and set up the groundwork for the proposed solution
  • Setting up the Power Apps environment, provisioning of licenses
  • Designing the App’s UI/UX through extensive design exercises
  • Build the app (canvas/model-driven) that meet business demands
  • Setting up the business flow using Power Automate
  • Setting up data models and entities in Microsoft Dataverse
  • Integration with other data sources or connectors (350+) such as SharePoint or Azure
  • Train business users about the usage of the app to generate the best possible results


Microsoft Power Platform offers businesses with great opportunity to quickly and easily develop enterprise-level applications. By using Power Apps, you can create an application without using any code or IT support. It enables businesses to be self-sufficient when it comes to app building, and they can customize an app to solve their business needs accordingly.

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