Best Star Wars – Themed Games for Kids

Here are Star Wars-themed games for kids you can use for a Star Wars birthday party. Star Wars-themed games for kids with an ages group of 5 and up! Also Read: Fruits Name For Kids

Star Wars-themed games for kids.

Jedi Training: Tell the kids they will have to go through a training course to become a Jedi! The best method to set up this Star Wars fun is to have “places” where kids have to expire and finish a chore. Have an adult (or teenager) take control of each station. Here are some examples of themed games for kids stations (small Star Wars games) for Jedi training: Children must crawl under a few chairs, climb a small ladder, descend a slide, and jump through tires or hoops.

Provide a Jedi sword (which can be made with a pool noodle), and kids have to hit small ping pong balls a certain distance, pop 10 bubbles, explode a pinata, or keep a balloon in the air for 20 seconds.
Blindfolded, each child must pin a saber on a Jedi. Cut out paper sabers, and the children must fix them as close to the hand as likely on a Jedi sign).
At the end of the Jedi activity system, each child officially becomes a Jedi and accepts a “Jedi ID card” and maybe a diploma! You can also make a setting where grown-ups come off wrapped as Star Wars symbols showing everyone how to use Jedi’s blades.

Jedi vs. Sith: One child is chosen to be a Jedi Knight, and all other players are Sith. The themed games for kids begins when an adult or anyone else not inside the game yells, “May the force be with you! If the Jedi hit a Sith, they must go to “Sith Prison” (maybe an area lined with chairs). When a child is in the Sith prison, they stand with their legs apart, waiting to be rescued: the only way to be rescued from the prison is for another Sith player (who hasn’t been caught) to pass between the captured Sith player’s legs. This Star Wars-themed game continues until everyone has been caught, or it’s time to move on to other Star Wars-themed games because the kids are getting bored!

Building a Lego Starfighter: Provide an assortment of Lego bricks in individual boxes. Each child must use the bricks to design their Starfighter ship.

Which Star Wars Character Am I?

You must first print many pictures of the different Star Wars characters for this Star Wars themed games for kids. To start the game, you stick one of the Star Wars character pictures on each player’s back (without them knowing who it is!). Players have to figure out who they are, and they do this by asking questions to which the answers will be YES or NO (for example: “Am I a woman?”, “Am I a villain?”, “Do I have a Jedi sword?” etc.).
Save Han Solo: Freeze a Han Solo figure in a large tub of water and let all the kids use water guns to free him from the “carbonite.”

Speak like Yoda: It’s a fun Star Wars-themed games for kids (even with the family around the table or in the car. The rules are simple: Speak like Yoda. Take turns to speak. If you mess up and speak, usually, you’re out. The last person is still speaking as Yoda wins.

The Force is in You: One of the easiest Star Wars-themed games for kids to divide the group of kids into the dark side and light side characters and have a tug of war.

Lightsaber: You can also host Star Wars-themed games for kids if you can make lightsabers out of pool noodles. Burst bubbles or balloons, play 1-on-1 tournaments on a beam, play volleyball with a balloon, etc.

Nerf: If you have Nerf guns at home, you can organize shooting competitions. You have to prepare targets on the Star Wars theme, as shown opposite (stormtrooper or Darth Vader, for example).

Group relay: Split the kids into teams of 4 or 5. Give each team 25 LEGO blocks and ask them to pass all the bricks from one member to the other until the last one places each brick in a bowl ( Or other). The first team to finish wins.

Car Race: Have each child build a toy LEGO car. Have sets of wheels already attached to flat panels for younger children to save time. Each child then presents their creation then races the cars on a table or a ramp.

Collaboration 1: Prepare separate small packages of LEGO bricks for each child present at the Lego party. For variations, make some packages have just one or two blocks, and some have many more. Ask the children to take turns opening their packets and adding their blocks to the group project. The first player who opens his deck must place all his blocks on a large Lego plate, and the others then add their elements on top and so on.

Collaboration 2: Same as above, but instead of preparing packs of bricks, kids roll two dice to see how many LEGO bricks they can add to the project. These collaboration games are, in my opinion, the best Lego anniversary games! The first player leaves with the brick in the spoon to do the circuit.

This is all about Star-Wars Themed games for kids to recreate the movie scenes with their own cosplay costumes and weapons.

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