Benefits And Risks of AI In Business Transformation

People have always wanted to build machines that can make their own decisions without human intervention. While these new machines have been an exciting part of science fiction films for a long time, an entirely sensible machine is still our distant dream. People have made great strides in this field using AI in business transformation.

There are programs and machines that make difficult tasks easier and more effective on their own. For example, there are self-driving cars that can drive you from home to work or vice versa, taking into account environmental factors, traffic conditions, etc. There are also various digital assistants like Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa that make our daily lives easier.

All of these new processes include Artificial Intelligence. But since the beginning of the AI ​​concept, there has been an ongoing debate. There are various theories as to whether technology contributes to the development of human civilization or leads us towards devastation by building intelligent machines.

So, here we are discussing the great benefits and risks of AI in business transformation.

Benefits of AI in business Transformation:

Artificial Intelligence machines mimic human comprehension skills using machine learning algorithms and can solve simple to complex problems. Moreover, AI app development offers the following benefits.

  • Cost Reduction

AI uses machine learning algorithms such as neural networks and Deep Learning to acquire new skills as humans do. With this, they eliminate the need to write new code every time we need these machines to learn new things.

There is significant ongoing research into the creation of AI machines that can learn very quickly about new processes by improving their machine learning skills. The cost of training robots is much lower than for humans. Machines also reduce operating costs by providing high accuracy and efficiency while performing tasks. They do not take a break and work every second. Sometimes they do the same normal activities without any change in results or downtime.

  • Greater Accuracy

AI engineers work to build machines that can perform important tasks and solve complex problems on their own. With this, the results will be much more accurate than those of humans. High accuracy has made these machines an important component, especially in the medical field, due to the importance of operations.

AI Robots today diagnose critical conditions in the human body with great accuracy, speed, and efficiency. They also perform mild surgery to reduce the risk to human health.

  • Increase Work Efficiency

AI in business transformation are great for performing repetitive and routine tasks with amazing efficiency. They achieve accurate results every time they do a task and eliminate human error.

In addition, these machines can operate 24/7 without exhausting as humans. Therefore, reducing the number of employees you may need separately during the day and night shifts. For example, AI chatbots answer customer questions day and night and provide support throughout the day, which enhances company sales.

  • Improve Processes

The amazing advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that it allows us to collect and process large amounts of data related to our work. You can process this data to gain in-depth insights into the processes by quantitative analysis. This information helps to improve processes continuously.

Risks of AI in Business Transformation:

Although it is one of the amazing inventions, Artificial Intelligence is feared by many, including some scientists. This fear was expressed on the silver screen several times in the form of movies in which AI machines took over the planet. Other risks associated with this technology are as follows:

  • Unsustainability

Smart machines come with advanced computing that needs an array of different processers to work. The systems of these machines include chips made of rare materials such as Selenium as an integral part. In addition, some use Lithium batteries, which is also a rare element. With the advent of advanced AI in business transformation equipment, mining these rare objects is increasingly damaging our environment at an alarming rate. They also need a lot of energy to work, increasing pressure on power plants and thus harming the environment.

  • Fewer Job Opportunities

Machines perform much better than humans when it comes to repetitive, boring, and routine tasks. Many businesses rely on machines rather than people to maximize their profits. But at the same time, it reduces the number of jobs available to human resources.

  • A Threat to Humanity

Many scientists themselves working on artificial intelligence images to believe it to be a major threat to human civilization in the future. One of the great dangers associated with AI is that the machine can get sentience and can turn against humans. It means that the future portrayed in science fiction films like Terminator is possible.


There are a number of benefits as well as risks linked to AI in business transformation. The rise of Artificial Intelligence machines has made our lives easier. However, there is a need to create specific policies and ethical codes to ensure that the associated risks are significantly reduced.

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