Top Artificial Intelligence App Development Trends in 2022

With the increased usage of mobile devices, most companies are now offering their services or products through apps. According to statistics, more than 5 million applications are available on Google and Apple Play Store. AI app development trends have greatly evolved over the past decades. When combined with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, AI can do wonders in managing a large amount of data.

The Artificial Intelligence apps that outshined in 2021 might not show the same performance in 2022. So, application developers must stay up to date with the AI app development trends of 2022 to outsmart their competitors.

Applications For Foldable Devices

Some of us used a flip phone a decade ago. The foldable devices are now again the new common. The smartphone industry is evolving and changing to only one or no button at all and from touch screens to GPS functionalities. With the innovation, foldable devices made a comeback to the market. So, an application must have the capability to seamlessly modify its display as the screen fold and unfolds and offer the required flexibility though an awesome design services. There is no doubt that 2022 will be an immersive year for foldable devices.

5G Technology

According to stats, 2022 will witness a boom in the 5G connections. Because of the incredible speed of up to 100GBs powering up the IoT, 5G has superseded all the other traditional techniques, including 2G, 3G, and 4G. With this technology, users are enjoying a number of benefits like zero buffering and 4K video quality. Along with enhancing IoT services, 5G technology has also improved its connectivity. With broader bandwidth, it handles Virtual and Augmented Reality 3D objects conveniently. There are many apps on the way to release with 5G mobile tech. Automated driving vehicles, wireless healthcare services, and cloud computing, to name some.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality changes the complete UX of the app and makes it look more interactive. Be it the business or social media applications, AR and VR have transformed AI apps. The apps created with this technology enable users to virtually place the product in the desired place and evaluate whether it will fit in the particular place or not. Augmented and Virtual reality change your experience of how you see the world.

Beacon Technology

Everyone prefers to buy online these days. But how to know which store near you would have the product you’re looking for? Beacon technology solves this issue. Beacon technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. When a user enters the beacon zone, the particular applications get the signal and guides to reach the desired item. It enables you to know which store has the desired product along with its specifications and price.

The technology has great potential in marketing because it reduces the distance between the enterprise and the customers. Thus, making it one of the in-demand AI app development trends of 2022.


Wearables are growing all over the globe at a rapid pace. As technology advances, we expect to see them become a crucial part of our everyday lives. The most fantastic thing about wearables is that you can control them using different mobile apps. The devices help to track physical movements like walking steps, body temperature, blood pressure, sugar level, and heartbeats. Thus, making them highly profitable for the healthcare, sports, and fitness industries.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are one of the most impressive AI app development trends of 2022. Many people use mobile wallets to buy products online, transfer money to someone without the need of a bank account and make payments. It is a convenient option for people who don’t want to go to the bank and wait in line at ATM. Mobile wallets are of different kinds, such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. They also help you keep track of your spending habits via your smartphone by offering access to transactions at all times.

Instant Apps

Instant applications allow users to test them without the need to download them. You can use them as a trial and will not have to install them at first. The purpose of the instant apps is to save mobile space and use the application to link users to the specific function of the app. By this, you can try different apps before deciding which one suits you the best. In 2022, instant applications will attract massive traffic and huge revenue for the business.


AI app development trends will continue to grow and evolve in the coming years. These trends will help businesses enhance their profit, improve productivity, and increase customer experiences. The best way to stay competitive in the mobile application development industry is to keep track of these trends. You can also get in touch with industry experts like Xavor Corporation. They can walk through your business needs and help you adapt to these trends accordingly.

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